What is the Assurance Wireless Program?

In an era of technology where communication fully depends on mobile phones and telecommunication in general, there are still people who are deprived by these benefits simply because they cannot afford the luxury of paying for the mobile services every month. Moreover, there is a large mass of population who simply cannot afford to buy a phone, but thanks to the Assurance Wireless Program funded by the US Government all this becomes possible.

The government-sponsored program entitled LifeLine Assistance offers free cell phones and unlimited number of minutes and text messages for financially disadvantaged people. As a result various, there have been created and developed several such partnerships with the communication companies throughout the country and one of them is the Assurance Wireless program.

Assurance Wireless is one of the most famous LifeLine Assistance programs, which is active since 2009. Not only is it known for the fact that it runs for several years now but also for the fact that it respects its clients offering high quality services.

assurance wireless

Assurance Wireless Program is available in more than 40 states in the US and it includes:

  • Free Smartphones
  • Free phone services
  • No contracts
  • Nationwide network coverage
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • No restrictions

No wonder that it is one of the best rated LifeLine Assistance programs in the country. So if you find yourself in a difficult situations, not being able to afford a cell phone or to pay for your mobile services and you qualify for this program, do not hesitate to contact the Assurance Wireless support team or visit their website.

What you need to do to benefit from Assurance Wireless Program

There are several LifeLine Assistance programs throughout the US but one of the best rated is the Assurance Wireless program. In case you are in need of a free cell phone and free phone services you simply need to access their website www.assurancewireless.com and check for the availability in your state.

The next think you need to do is make sure that you qualify for the program, which means that you need to participate in one of the public assistance program in your state.

There are plenty of providers with partnerships to the LifeLine Assistance program but Assurance Wireless offers a wide range of benefits such as unlimited number of minutes and text messages, free smartphones and many more. This is exactly why it is one of the best-rated LifeLine Assistance programs in the country.

Once you have checked the availability of the program in your state and made sure that you are eligible for it, access the application section on the website and fill in the online application.


Fill in all the required fields and attach the Proof of Eligibility Documents and submit the application. The customer support team will contact you as soon as possible and you will shortly be registered in the program.

It is that simple! And with Assurance Wireless program your life will become much more easier and comfortable without worrying about cell phones and phone services expenses that you cannot afford to pay.

Who qualifies for the Assurance Wireless Program?

As you probably already know, Assurance Wireless program is a government-supported program, which offers free cell phones and phone services for everyone in the US dealing with financial difficulties.

However, there are certain conditions you must comply with in order to benefit from this program so not everyone is eligible for it. Also this program is available for only one Wireless or Wireline account per household so you won’t be receiving one for each member of your family.

In order to qualify for this program you need to be part to any of the following public assistance programs:

  • Food Stamps/SNAP
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Veterans Pension Benefit or Survivors Pension Benefit
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Head Start Income Eligible
  • Medicaid
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • National School Free Lunch Program
  • Low Income Energy Assistance Program
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families etc.

Remember that each state where the Assurance Wireless is available has it’s own eligibility criteria so you can simply access How To Qualify section and check for your state’s eligibility conditions.

Assurance Wireless Offers Free Phones and Service to Low-Income Families

Assurance wireless is a free service from the government. It is a lifeline service that is provided for free to citizens who are eligible. Low-income individuals, unemployed citizens and those on disability benefits are eligible to receive free phones that are powered by Virgin Mobile USA. Assurance wireless doesn’t just give out phones to qualified individuals but the phones also come with free 250 minutes of long distance and local calls…

Here’s a video review of the service:


Read the text below to find out more about Assurance Wireless Program

There are several options and plans that assurance wireless users can choose to pay for to upgrade the service that comes with the free phones. MMS, SMS and additional minutes are some of the options for individuals who would like to pay to get more services. Assurance wireless is provided to one person per family and it is non transferable.

The assurance wireless service is available in selected states such as New York, Ohio, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, West Virginia, South Carolina, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New Jersey, District of Columbia and 17 other states.

There are two ways to be eligible for the free phones namely government assistance criteria and income related criteria. Individuals who are registered to a government assistance service or program and those who have low incomes are qualified to receive a free virgin mobile cellular phone with 250 free minutes per month. The kinds of government programs that an individual must be registered to are food stamps, Medicaid, SSI or supplemental security income, federal public housing assistance, temporary assistance to needy families and many more.

An interested individual who wishes to receive a free phone may visit the official website to download and print out a copy of the form which needs to be mailed back together with the required documents. Once approved, the free phone will be received in 3 to 4 weeks. Free phone application forms are state appropriate and are not available in all 50 states.

An interested applicant may also enter his zip code to check if the government issued free phones are available in his area. Customers may also send an e-mail for inquiries with a contact number where he can be reached. The website also has a toll free number that customers can call to speak to a representative.

Assurance Wireless Application Forms for Everybody

Cellular phones are very expensive nowadays and since they have turned from luxury to necessity, it is very important to own one. There are several important reasons to own a cellular phone such as getting a call from a prospective employer, calls from a doctor, communication with family members who live in different states or countries and many more – however, not everybody can afford to purchase a cellular phone.

There are cellular phones that have great features and designs but some individuals just need a basic cellular phone that will enable them to make and receive calls or send and receive text messages.

assurance wireless applicationFortunately, there’s assurance wireless free phones that are given to eligible people who are unemployed or are under disability benefits. Individuals who have very low income may also qualify for an assurance wireless cellular phone. Individuals and families who have signed up for various government programs or assistance such as Medicaid, supplemental security income, food stamps, federal public housing assistance, free lunch programs and others are also eligible. Regardless of the number of family members, only one assurance wireless phone can be given to a household.

Assurance wireless application forms are free and every eligible individual can apply but it is best to check the website for state specific application forms and requirements as some states don’t offer assurance wireless free cellular phones. The official website has the list of states that are giving out free phones. Interested applicants may use the online tool by entering her zip code to find out if the state where she lives in offers the Assurance wireless free cellular phones.

Applying for an Assurance wireless free cellular phone is easy. Eligible applicants can download and print the Assurance wireless application form from the website. The assurance wireless application form needs to be mailed with the other necessary documents. Another way to apply for a free phone is to call the assurance wireless customer service hotline. The assurance wireless application status can be checked by calling the hotline.

Individuals who are not approved to receive an assurance wireless cellular phone can still apply for a special discount on a cellular phone and call packages. Individuals whose Assurance wireless application forms were approved will receive a free phone in about 4 weeks. The free 250 minutes for local and long distance calls will be applied once the phone is activated. The free minutes will be activated on the free phone every month.

Free Phones – Is It an Assurance Wireless Scam?

Assurance wireless offers free phone with free 250 minutes of local and long distance calls nationwide. An assurance wireless user may pay $5 to %20 to get additional services such as more minutes or a text plan. People who received assurance wireless cellular phones are eligible to receive the monthly free minutes for as long as the program is running or until the individual gets employed or gets hired by another employer who pays higher than the previous one.

Some people think that it is an assurance wireless is a scam but there are many people who can testify that assurance wireless is not a scam. There are many websites that are about the great benefits of assurance wireless and those who received the free phones. Some people may think that the free phone is an assurance wireless scam but there are many people who have sent their application forms and received their phones two to three weeks later.

Interested applicants don’t need any credit card or debit card information as the free phones are definitely free and the only time they need to pay is if they want to upgrade the free services or if they have exceeded the free minutes but wishes to get more top ups to be able to use the data plan and the calling features. Assurance wireless is not a scam, in fact; there are so many families who received the free phones, which they can use in case of any medical emergencies.

A skeptical individual may visit the assurance wireless’ website. There are so many helpful details on the website. There are the FAQ’s, articles that explain assurance wireless phones and the application form that can be downloaded and printed out. Testimonials are also available on the website.

The testimonials are from consumers who are assurance wireless customers and those that can attest that it is not true that assurance wireless is a scam. Assurance wireless also does checking of the declared residency and if there’s no other family members that have an assurance wireless phone.

Interested individuals must be very careful because there are some assurance wireless scams that take advantage of needy people. The culprit who started the assurance wireless scam has people who work for him. The assurance wireless scam works by asking needy families to submit application forms and pay a certain fee and then they disappear with the needy family’s documents and money.

Assurance Wireless Customer Service for Customers’ Needs

Cellular phones used to be a luxury but are now considered a necessity. Everything has gone highly technical and digital. Cellular phones are important especially to individuals and families who don’t have home phones. Elderly people are also better off with cellular phones because they can call for help just in case they fall or slip. Older people are also prone to accidents and different kinds of ailments and it would be best to have a cellular phone for emergency calls.

Assurance wireless is a government assistance program that provides free phones to needy families and unemployed individuals who cannot afford to purchase a cellular phone. The free phones come with free 250 calling minutes. Assurance wireless users may also opt to upgrade their free 250 minutes to several calling and texting plans. Assurance wireless offers free phones which are one of the best programs a need person can get.

assurance wireless customer service

Assurance wireless back up their product and provides excellent customer experience by having a customer service that is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The assurance wireless customer service is made up of dedicated representatives who highly trained and are friendly and patient too.

Assurance wireless customer service representatives provide assistance in using the phone and first time installation. Most of the wireless assurance customers are older people so it would be quite difficult for them to operate a cellular phone so they call and ask assistance from the friendly assurance wireless customer service representative. Trouble shooting and product support are also being offered by the customer service agents.

Customers can also upgrade their free minutes to a different plan or package by calling the assurance wireless customer service. They also assist customers with assurance wireless top ups and programming steps. When cellular phones break down, the owners can call the customer service to check if the problem can be resolved over the phone otherwise they can process a repair or replacement of the defective phone. Assurance wireless customer service agents also take application forms and other inquiries such as state availabilities and requirements.

They also take care of calls that follow up the date when they will receive their free phones. Customers can also call Assurance wireless customer service to check the status of their application or to ask if they qualify for a discount if they have been declined for a free cellular phone.

Everything about Assurance Wireless Top up Cards

Assurance wireless offers free phones that come with free 250 minutes. Some assurance wireless customers find 250 minutes too much for them while other customers find themselves paying for overages at .10 per minute and .10 per text message. Cellular phone users may upgrade the plan to get more minutes or more outgoing text messages by using a credit card, debit card or assurance wireless top up cards that can be purchased from different retail stores and specialty stores. Some of the assurance wireless plans are $2 for 30 outgoing text messages, $5 for 100 outgoing text messages, $10 for 1000 outgoing text messages and $20 for unlimited incoming and outgoing text messages.

Assurance wireless top up cards can be redeemed by entering the numbers on the actual cellular phone or by calling the assurance wireless customer service hotline. The assurance wireless top up cards come in denominations of $10, $40, $25 and $60. Assurance wireless customers can also sign up for automatic top ups by registering their credit cards or top up cards and they will be topped up with the selected amount automatically.

assurance wireless top upThe automatic top up program works in such a way that the assurance wireless customers’ account will be automatically topped up every 45 days or 90 days or when the balance goes below the threshold of $5. Another option is to be topped up every month on a specific date.

Assurance wireless free phones are great to have specially in case of emergencies but not everybody can get an assurance wireless free phone because only unemployed, people with low income and individuals who have signed up for government assistance programs are eligible. Interested individuals may send an application form along with the required documents that include a proof of income. Application forms are available at the assurance wireless website and can also be done by calling the assurance wireless customer service hotline.

Each top up amount has different expiry dates depending on the denomination. Each Assurance wireless top up card also has instructions to use the top up card. Assurance wireless phones are prepaid and have no contracts, no bills or activation fees and monthly payments. It is totally free until the individual finds a job or recovers from a financial crisis. The 250 minutes are automatically activated on the phone and the free 250 minutes of local and long distance calls will be refreshed every month.


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    • Ed says:

      NO, the phone is not for “lowlife” people. I have one & have it only due to a disability (lost 2/3 of my tongue to cancer). So, again, to answer your question NO it is not for “lowlife” people, just those down on their luck. Why the question? Are YOU a “lowlife” and need to find others like yourself? You have alot of nerve looking for a phone and coming to this site accusing people of being “lowlifes”!

  • pamela kay heck says:


  • George Louis Steadman says:

    I have an assurance phone that keeps telling me my service is about to end but when I call the number nothing happens

  • google says:

    Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful article. Many thanks for supplying these details.

  • Eric Reinhold says:

    I am expecting a new phone from Assurance but, I have decided to go with Safe-Link. My new replacement phone should be here in the next day or so. Just telling you I have switched

  • I have had an Assurance Wireless sense 2009. I paid for a flip phone back in 2009. In December of 2016 I was in the hospital, my phone had gotten wet with tea. I called Assurance for a replacement phone. They sent me their basic phone. I called them back about a flip phone. They told I need to pay for it, which I did. They sent me a flip phone, I ask about a Smart Phone. The man I talk to said, I could have one. When the box arrived, it was another FLIP PHONE!!! I called back about it, the lady I talk to said sent it back with the basic phone they sent me also. I sent it back, I was told I could have a Smart Phone. Talk to a girl and a man they both LIED to me!
    Everyone I talk to will LIE, LIE to me and anyone else the talk to!!! Beware!!!

  • Kerroll Wehrle says:

    I have a small phone furnished by Assurance.This service has been very good for me. However, It is getting very hard for me to see the screen on my cell phone, that I have now. I am requesting a larger full screen cell phone. This will help me to to read any massage sent to me & be able to see the numbers who it is that is calling me,immensely. Can you please help me?

    Thank You,

  • Catherine Greeley says:

    MY assurance phone is out dated and hardly ever gets signal. Was wondering if I can get a new phone and number or what I need to do in order to receive one. The phone I have now is from the early 90′s Thank you for your timer

  • david malzahn says:

    I recently was denied a phone,I have had Q-link since Aug. 2016.your info was incorrect.Please close Q-link acct,and accept my assurance application.You have all my info. thanks, David

  • stan smith says:

    i have had an assurance phone for several years, and when I went to certify this year, I was told I am no longer eligible. I am a disabled senior citizen, (70) and get lifeline asst. from n.j. I do not understand why I’m no longer qualified. I’ve called, but I keep getting someone that talks in a foreign language. please tell me whats going on. thank you

  • Assurance Wireless is brought to you by Virgin Mobile USA and is a Lifeline Assistance program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund.

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