Assurance Wireless – Free Government Phones

You might have heard people talking about free government phones. It would have probably seemed like a joke, its not. This amazing facility is out there to help the deserving. This service provides the deserving individuals with free hand sets and a good number of free minutes per month.

Now that you know about it being true you might think that it would be hard to lay hands on and so it can be said again, its not. If you are an eligible candidate, all you have to do is get an application from a local provider, fill it up and submit it. Now how do you know if you are eligible? It is simple. If the government in any way is assisting you, you are pretty much a potential candidate. That is all there is to it. Therefore, this amazing offer does deserve a go from you.

With all the good things and all the pros, a few not so good things should be kept in mind too. Firstly, they only allow limited number of free minutes, usually 250, free government phones. However, you can always purchase more minutes at low prices. Another thing is that one household is only allowed one free government phone. Therefore, only one family member can get his or her hands on this facility.

However, on the bright side now you will not have to worry about being out of reach or about your children being alone at home. If you have a landline, you could just get one of these free government phones and hand it over to that family member of yours who tends to go out more often than the others do. That way you can stay in touch with him or her and they can do the same. The worst that could happen if you apply for this program is you being turned down. That is nothing in comparison to the best. This opportunity is definitely worth a shot so why not give your luck a chance!

11 Responses to Assurance Wireless – Free Government Phones

  • Please send an application to my e mail address. Thank you.

  • Janelle Henley says:

    Please send an application to me email address. Thanks.

  • Maryann Hunt says:

    My Assurance phone # is ********* Someone by the name of Leslie Riff or Riss stole my re-certification letter and changed my Assurance account into her name. I found this out when you called my phone number with your automated system to re-certify. I have been trying to get hold of a HUMAN on the phone to clear this up, but your re-certification process keeps sending me in circles and I never get to talk to a real person. I want this Leslie person arrested for stealing my Assurance phone account and putting it in his/her name. I am very angry. I cannot afford a phone and this was my only phone which I need for emergencies.

  • Maryann Hunt says:

    Please send a reply to my email address

  • Mary Ann Perrin says:

    Please send an application to my e- mail address.

  • Please send a application to my e-mail address..Called and was told that a application would be mailed to me but have not received it as of yet..I called on Saturday are Sunday..

  • Sarah Toler says:

    how do i sign up for this phone service? just in case i cant paY my cell phone bill? i have medicaid, me and my daughter do. i had foodstamps but not now, trying to get them back. and what was it about the adding 30 dollars to the phone and you get Unlimited everything for a month? tell me more bout tht plzzz. and do u get smartphones with that or no?

  • Rashawnda Young says:

    my phone was stolen can i get a replacement?

  • Tamika Williams says:

    I use to have a phone till I didn’t recertified in time to recieve my next month minutes. I get TANF. my old number is *******

  • Wendy Camp says:

    My cell # is ********. In October I requested a change in plans to talk/text/ Come November…..Not done. November I actuallu spoke to a rep and was told YES the plan would change. Not this month it wasn’t. Today, 12/15/12 I tried again. Do you think it might be changed by January. Granted, this is a good program, but, why offer something you can’t seem to make happen. Time will next. I’ll be back commenting next month….Thank you !

  • Greg says:

    please send me a application for the free phone thank you

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