LG Venice

The LG Venice is thin, light and has a svelte design. Even when is made of plastic, with a bit of metal looking, runs swiftly and smoothly and excellent call quality.


You can trust in the history of LG creating decent and reliable handsets.

The best thing about this phone is that you leave carrier contracts behind, you feel better with the best prepaid options. The Venice measures 4.94″ by 2.64″ by .34″ and weighs only 4.41 oz. The LG Venice shaves about .75 oz off the common weight for similar phones of just under 5.25 oz., and it seems significantly lighter. It feels even lighter than many phones with smaller dimensions.

A 4.3-inch screen with an 800×480 pixel resolution, color vibrant and the display is bright, are impressive for the low price. The screen is protected agains scratches and cracks very well. The price is something that you have to consider, at $219.99 you get the svelte design, swift and smooth processor, and bright display. For a limited time, if you purchase the Venice will also recibe 50GB of Free Cloud Storage from Box, on the prepaid Boos Mobile Network.

You will find a 5-megapixel with rear-facing camera with LED flash can take pretty smooth HD videos and great pictures. Has a cool feature, the voice activated shutter, just saying “cheese” or “whiskey” or other words to take pictures without touching a button. The camera offers different options like: autofocus, touch focus, 15x digital zoom, timer, continuous shotting, face tracking, geotagging.

You will find the same Video-Recoding options, digital zoom, flash, exposure meter, color effects, geotagging, five video sizes, audio muting.

The LG Venice runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, comes with Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Search, Plus, Play Books, Movies, Music and Store. It also includes Messenger, Maps and Navigation, YouTube and Talk, also preloaded apps a news and weather app, Boost Mobile apps, SmartShare and others.

There are twenty six packs available; you can choose your Mobile ID to customize your device with preselected apps, widgets and other items related to the ID profile you choose. The 4 GB storage provides adequate space for installing apps, and it also have a 2 GB microSD card, you can replace it with a larger microSD card if you need space.

Basic features present are texting, a native e-mail client, a Web browser, a video player, Bluetooth 3.0 support, a calendar, a clock with alarm settings, a memo pad, a calculator, a voice dialer, and a voice recorder. In addition, there’s a power saver module that lets you customize which features (Bluetooth, autosyncing, display brightness) to turn off or adjust when your battery gets low.

The call quality is excellent, sounds clear and strong with no static. The speakerphone is not so good, has a low quality, sound harsh, not only the calls, the music and video too, especially with high volume.

The battery test shows 9.5 hours under heavy use, 6.0 hours for video playback, and 19.5 hours conserving battery. With normal use 13-14 hours.

With Boost Mobile you can have unlimited talk and text plans, they also offers plans adequate for every need. These plans are a great choice for everybody, since they don’t have limits on data, text and calls, no contract, saving money on mobile phone bills.



  • Technology                                 CDMA
  • Carrier                                           Boost Mobile
  • Form Factor                                Bar
  • Camera                                          5.0 MP AF camera with built-in flash
  • Platform                                        Android™ 4.0 Platform (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Bluetooth                                     Version: 3.0
  • Frequency                                   1.9 GHZ PCS, 800 MHZ CDMA
  • DataTransmission                    EVDO† Rev. A
  • Dimensions                                 4.92″ (H) x 2.64″ (W) x 0.34″ (D)
  • Weight                                          4.41 oz
  • Display                                         24-Bit Color IPS TFT, 800 x 480 pixels, 4.3″
  • Battery                                         1,700 mAh
  • Usage Time                                 Up to 9 Hours*
  • Standby Time                            Up to 159 Hours*
  • Charging Port                            Micro USB
  • RAM/ROM                                  768 RAM / 4GB ROM
  • microSD™ Memory Slot       up to 32GB memory card**
  • *                                                      Certain features may use more power and cause actual time to vary.
  • **                                                    2GB microSD card included. Additional memory cards sold separately.


Samsung Galaxy Rush

Samsung Galaxy Rush (Boost Mobile): HorizontalThe Samsung Galaxy Rush run with Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich; this platform aloud an easy access to all the Google features, like Google Maps™, Google Play™, movies and more. It’s one of the least expensive.

This phone has a good quality, but you have to remember that with this price it’s a budget Smartphone.  The Galaxy Rush is light (Measure: 4.84 by 2.36 by 0.47 inches and weighing 4.2 oz.).

About the screen, you can customize it with the TouchWiz, with 3.5 Inch TFT LCD with a 480 by 320 pixel resolution, vivid color. You can have good photos and videos and chat with video with the 3 Megapixel, rear-facing camera, LED flash, video. You can also put your photos and videos in your social sites. Watch you favorite movies and play your games will be more exciting with your Galaxy Rush, and don’t forget the size, fits in the palm of  your hand.

The Galaxy Rush runs on Sprit’s network, so you can have it free of contract.  Boost Mobile offers you monthly plans, daily plans are also available. Check Boost Mobile information here:
This phone has a very good quality of Wi-Fi and calls.  You can use the battery 7 hours and 16 minutes of talk. This phone is equipped with MobileID, so you can Install IDpacks with ringtones, widgets, wallpapers, applications and the Android Benefits.

About the memory; have 1.91 of internal storage and an empty microSD card slot on the left-side panel, for 32 and 64GB SanDisk cards.



  • Prepaid/No Contract


  • Boost Mobile

Form Factor

  • Touchscreen


  • Product Dimensions: 4.84” x 2.36” x 0.47”
  • Product Weight: 4.2 oz.


  • Standby Time: Up to 14.5 days*
  • Talk Time: Up to 9 hours*
  • Battery Type and Size: 3.7 Volt, Lithium Ion, 1750mAh


  • Frequencies and Data Type: 1900mHz
  • Data Speed: EVDO Rev A


  • Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich

CPU / Processor

  • 1GHz, MSM8655, Qualcomm


  • Resolution: 320×240 Pixel
  • Size: 2.02″ x 3.03″ (3.5″)
  • Technology: HVGA TFT

User Interface

  • User Interface Features: Widgets; TouchWiz, Android 4.0; Smart Unlock; Accelerometer


  • Rear-facing: 3.0 MP
  • Front-facing: 1.3 MP
  • Digital Optical Zoom: 4x
  • Camera Features: Auto Focus; Shot Modes, Single Shot, Smile Shot, Panorama; Geo-tagging; Camcorder; Online Image Uploading


  • Music Player; Compatible Music Files, AAC, AMR, AWB, M4A, MID, MP3, OGG, QCP, WAV, WMA; Audio, Streaming; MP3/Music Tones


  • Video Player; Compatible Video Files, H.263, H.264, MPEG4; Video, Streaming

Fun and Entertainment

  • Downloadable Content; Wallpapers, Animated; Samsung Widget Gallery

Business & Office

  • Microsoft® Office-compatible; vCard/vCalendar

Messaging Options

  • Email; Corporate Email; Picture Messaging; Text Messaging; Threaded / Chat-style Messages; Predictive Text (T9®/XT9®)


  • Bluetooth® Profiles, A2DP, AVRCP, GAVDP, GOEP, HFP 1.5, HID, HSP, OPP, PBAP, SBC, SDAP/SDP, SPP, vCard 2.1; Wi-Fi®; HTML Browser; Flash®; GPS


  • Internal Memory: 2GB ROM/768MB RAM
  • External Memory: Up to 32GB

Calling Functions

  • Speakerphone; Voice Recognition; Voicemail; Visual Voicemail; Speech-to-text; Text-to-speech; Picture Caller ID; Multitasking; Call Restrictions; Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC), M4, T4; TTY; Airline Mode




The best thing about Assurance Wireless

The original Virgin Mobile logo.

Assurance wireless is a mobile that is offered to you by the Lifeline Assistance Program. This program is the one created and brought to you by the Virgin Mobile. Another party that is the federal Universal Service Fund supports this. To have the access to Assurance Wireless, you need to qualify amongst many other who aim for this opportunity. If you are lucky and if you qualify then you may win the Free Assurance Wireless along with 250 free monthly minute packages. There is a whole procedure to qualify and for that, you need to log online to their official website and fill in the details of your local area and other things required.

The best thing about Assurance Wireless is that there are no bills during the months at least in the start. If you are Assurance wireless customer you would be pleased to know that this phone would offer you long term contracts, no issues if the activation fee of any kind of surcharges for all those customers who have Assurance Wireless free wireless phones in their hands. If you want to know, where this service is offered then the places include Alabama, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Iowa and many more.

Assurance Wireless ahs certain restrictions as well. It is offered to only those people who come into a certain income bracket and are income eligible. If you get this wireless mobile, you would be offered only one wireless or landline Lifeline account in your home. Two people in the same house cannot have the access to this service. When talking about the cost, Assurance Wireless is only free for those people who are eligible and who clearly qualify for it. If you want more voice minutes, then all you have to do is add $5 to get that package.

Assurance Wireless Application Service Provide

Assurance wireless is a service provided to eligible and deserving candidates by the government. In this service, these individuals or candidates are given wireless phones free. Other than the free wireless phones and connections, these people also get free minutes, usually 250. The assurance wireless customers have to pay no fees, bills, or anything of that sort.

This being quite an interesting offer would probably intrigue minds and one would think how you could apply as a candidate? Another question might be what are the criteria for selection? Well you have nothing to worry about since this article is being written to provide you with all your answers. There are mainly two factors based on which you can qualify as a candidate and become an assurance wireless applicant. These are described in the following paragraphs. Either you should be involved with or working in Government programs or you could apply based on your income.

Now when it comes to applying based on your participation in government programs, you might be requested to provide proof of your participation. If you are applying because of your income then you will probably have to provide a copy of the income tax return of the previous year. Or any form of benefit statement such as pension or retirement benefit statement, Social Security benefit statement, Child Support document or Veterans benefit statement, Unemployment benefit statement, Worker’s compensation benefit statement or even a divorce decree.

If you fit into any of the two above-mentioned criteria then you are an eligible candidate. You deserve an Assurance Wireless Application. Do not lose your monthly package of 250 free minutes. Opportunities such as, Assurance Wireless Application, by the government can be very helpful and they should be availed fully.

Assurance Wireless – Free Government Phones

You might have heard people talking about free government phones. It would have probably seemed like a joke, its not. This amazing facility is out there to help the deserving. This service provides the deserving individuals with free hand sets and a good number of free minutes per month.

Now that you know about it being true you might think that it would be hard to lay hands on and so it can be said again, its not. If you are an eligible candidate, all you have to do is get an application from a local provider, fill it up and submit it. Now how do you know if you are eligible? It is simple. If the government in any way is assisting you, you are pretty much a potential candidate. That is all there is to it. Therefore, this amazing offer does deserve a go from you.

With all the good things and all the pros, a few not so good things should be kept in mind too. Firstly, they only allow limited number of free minutes, usually 250, free government phones. However, you can always purchase more minutes at low prices. Another thing is that one household is only allowed one free government phone. Therefore, only one family member can get his or her hands on this facility.

However, on the bright side now you will not have to worry about being out of reach or about your children being alone at home. If you have a landline, you could just get one of these free government phones and hand it over to that family member of yours who tends to go out more often than the others do. That way you can stay in touch with him or her and they can do the same. The worst that could happen if you apply for this program is you being turned down. That is nothing in comparison to the best. This opportunity is definitely worth a shot so why not give your luck a chance!

How To Choose A Wireless Phone Service

With tens of wireless services present in one country, it usually becomes very hard to choose the perfect one for you. Many times people are found confused because they do not know for sure which wireless phone service will suit them the best. If you are one of those people who keep on switching from one service to another unable to find their ultimate match this article might just be able to help you with your dilemma.

To make a decision about you final wireless service, you need to think things over. In addition, while you are at it considering why exactly do you need it. This could start from the point where you think about why exactly you need a cell phone. What do you find yourself getting busy with when you use your mobile phone? Do you text message your friends all day long? On the other hand, do you call your business clients? Alternatively, you could also be indulging in long pointless conversations over the phone with you best mates. On the other hand, maybe you are that person who only makes a few important calls when prompted by last minute crisis or emergencies and other than that you find your phone lying around unattended.

Once you have thought it all over, consider your options. Think about all the services available. You could be going on a long vacation and you might think that you will need a different service then the one you are using now. According to your demand, you can choose your service. When you have, your demands all set in an order of priority and all the services are laying there in front of you it should be easier to make a decision. According to your demands, you can wisely make your choice about the service you want to go for and you will end up discovering the one that compliments you the best.

Assurance Free Cell Phone Program

If you are an eligible candidate, that is if you are part of any government assistance program or if you hold a benefit statement of some sort such as a divorce decree or unemployment benefit statement, a retirement benefit statement or Worker Compensation benefit statement or Social Security benefit statement or anything like that, you can apply for this program.

Assurance Free Cell Phone Program is an incentive taken by the government to help people who need a cell phone but cannot afford it. These people based on their eligibility will be given free virgin or unused cell phones. That is not all. Accompanying these cell phones will be some 250 free minutes. These limited minutes if fail to prove sufficient for you can always be further accompanied by more minutes bought on cheap prices.

Only one member out of a family will be given this phone so the most deserving of all your family members can apply for this Assurance Free Cell Phone Program. This can be done by getting an application form from your nearest provider. This form will have to be filled and you will need to attach copies of any sort of proof of you being involved in a government program previously as well. Only attach a copy of the original document since the form will not be returned.

If your form is accepted, you will hopefully receive your phone in about 1 to 2 weeks. These phones will be parceled to you. Moreover, the good thing is that they will be ready to serve you as soon as they arrive. From then on, you can continue with receiving your monthly 250 free minutes of talk time. This offer is definitely worth a shot and anybody who wills and deserves should try it.

Assurance Wireless Customer

In the fast pacing world we find ourselves taking help from our cell phones in all kinds of crisis may they be ultimate tragedies or mere confusions, which need to be cleared. Whatever the case is we will always use our cell phones to get out of whatever kind of mess we are in. In addition, this goes for all human beings walking the face of this earth today. While most of the people in this world now have gotten their hands on these cellular devices, there are still people left who cannot afford this service? Either they find the cell phone prices too high for them or their pockets cannot compliment the gigantic figures that appear on the bills.

If you are one of those people or if you know somebody who needs help in this respect, this article will prove fruitful for you. If you are a deserving individual, you could be the next Assurance Wireless Customer. Assurance wireless service is a service for the deserving people who do not have the financial strength to afford wireless service on their own. The eligibility criterion is simple. Being assisted by any government program is reason good enough for you to get a free unused mobile phone along with some 250 free minutes.

If you cross this limit of free minutes, you can always buy more on reasonable, rather cheap, rates. To apply for this you will need to get the application form from you local provider. With that form, you will attach some sort of proof of you holding a benefit statement or being assisted by government in any way. If you fulfill all the requirements, you will receive your phone in a few days time. This could be your chance to be an Assurance Wireless Customer. If you deserve it you should avail it.


Free Cell Phone Service

Word is going around about Free Cell Phone Services. All those who do not believe in this need to be corrected since it is perfectly true. Free Cell Phone Service is not a myth. It is quite real. As absurd as it may sound Government is actually willing to give the deserving people free wireless phones. Given with these free cell phones will be free minutes! You do not have to reread this you read it perfectly correct the first time around.

If you are a part of any government program that is if you are being assisted by the government in any way you are quite eligible for applying. If you are retired and receive pension or you have child care benefit statement or are the owner of any other kind of benefit statement, you should really go get your well deserved hand set.

The normal number of free minutes being given is 250. However, you can always buy more if these do not fulfill your requirement on cheap prices. You do not have to worry about being out of touch. No longer do you have to wonder about what your kids are doing at home or in a different case worry about your son while he is at his job. You can call him now with the help of this free cell phone service.

Only one family member per household will be allowed this service so get the most deserving one out there and collect your well-deserved cell phone. All you need to do is get an application form from a local provider. You will fill it, attach any possible proof of you being assisted by the government and submit it. Usually the phones are sent after about a week’s time. Moreover, when they arrive they are ready to run. So what are you waiting for? Get your well deserved free Cell Phone Service as soon as you can.

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Assurance Wireless Phones

Personal Handy-phone System mobiles and modems...

An assurance wireless phone is a service that is only for personal use, you are not allowed to use the phone in any way that interferes with another wireless service. It has been determined that there is good quality of service even if you have made a high number of calls or messages.  Assurance wireless phones can have their account terminated if they are any violation of rights, or fraudulent acts, illegal acts that cause termination of the contract.

You cannot change the hardware or the software of your phone however; your service provider can change the software or programs without notifying you. This should not cause you to loss any personal information or data that has been stored in your phone but if there has been any loss than the company will not be held reliable for it

You have to be eligible for having an assurance phone however; some believe that this is a scam. Most feel that those who are on welfare and dependent on government funding will be the most eligible people that can receive an assurance phone. It seems unfair where a person battling between more than one job to earn money to pay off their bills is seem less likely to receive such a government benefit.  That does seem highly unfair and those who do seem to fit in the category for those who can receive an assurance phone are seem to be those who have be convicted of crimes more than once. Is this not a way to promote crime? Giving those the benefits that can be misused. Yet another controversy, many believe that since it is a government-operated phone, people think that those criminal that have this phone have it because the police can tap into and eavesdrop on to conversations of the criminals.