Top up with assurance: get more minutes at a cheap price

Assurance wireless is a company that offers free cell phones through the federal lifeline assistance programs. Assurance wireless has been growing over the years due to it being a beneficial phone. It has been researched that in the lifeline cell phone company it has been the fastest growing. For Assurance wireless programs, you have to qualify to get an assurance wireless. However it depends on state to state what the requirements are. Assurance lifeline gives you free minutes of up to 250 minutes at a feasible cost. You can always get more minutes if you find than 250 is less than you thought.

To be an eligible customer of an assurance program you have to be an active participant of programs such as Medicaid and food stamps. However if you’re not a on assistant program which is a lifeline approved based program that you can still be eligible if your household proves to show an income that meets the requirements of getting an assurance phone.

When you have used up all your free minutes before the month ends then it is not something to worry about, you can simply get and assurance wireless top up. Many though are happy with the fact that they get 250 minutes and find it hard to exceed the limit they get every month. Assurance top up card are easy as they will provide you extra and additional talk time along with text messages if needed. Users can add credit to the wireless account by opting between to assurance programs that are of a small price. You can get additional 250 minutes a month, which means 500 minutes for the whole month, all you have to do is pay 20 dollars for the additional top up. However if you want 1000 minutes with 1000 messaging facility you just have to pay another 20 dollars over you existing account.

Assurance Wireless Programs and Cell Phones

Assurance cell phones have been helpful in promoting or facilitating crime, giving the opportunity for criminals to stay in touch. Those who have qualified for a free assurance cell phones have a higher rate of being convicted as a criminal. While on the other hand some believe that assurance cannot be a scam as it is a way to tap or eavesdrop on for the criminals who have the assurance cell phone. It’s believed that the government is paying for it so they might as well be smart about it and use the cell phones as a ways to get on the inside of the criminals mind.

It has thought that assurance wireless is just a safety scam that where they claim that everyone definitely needs a cell phone. When you can call 911 on any type of phone, is it necessary to have an assurance phone? When amongst those who are working two jobs, you think that person who is in desperate need to pay off their bills would benefit from a free phone but that is not so, those who are more likely to receive assurance phones are those who have been see as having a history of being on welfare or governments handouts.

Assurance wireless programs have depicted the image that though many believe that having a cell phone is not necessary, you may need it under circumstances that requires contacting another. If you are a patient who has heart problems, your car happened to break down, you need to call 911, and then you definitely need a cell phone to contact for help. Yet again assurance wireless is providing to those who seem less likely to benefit it. Do you think its wiser giving and old male who love son his tight monthly pension needs a cell phone or a fresh young active male who can go out, work, and pay off his cell phone bills?

We have to understand that this may be a government benefit; it may seem attractive at first but what the point if you do not qualify as an eligible candidate or that the assurance wireless is not available in your state? However, you can always call up the customer care service and find out if it is available in your area.

Important Things to Know About Assurance Wireless Application

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There are quite a few essential things, which must be followed to keep your wireless application running smooth. For instance, you have to agree not to use the assurance wireless application in any way that may be illegal, abusive or result to a fraud, otherwise your wireless application can terminated.

You assurance wireless phones cannot have their hardware or software changed, however your service provider may change your mobiles software and applications without any notification.  However, this will not affect the data stored or any their personal information on your mobile phone that yet again you service provider are not responsible for.

There is an assurance wireless customer service. The assurance lifeline assistance programs. Assurance wireless offers you with two hundred and fifty free minutes every month. You can also have the option of adding additional services such as messaging, thought you will be paying for that monthly. At times you end up having used all of your free minutes before your month has ended , but don’t worry as you can purchase op up card from any gas station or any convenient store around.

You have to qualify for the assurance wireless programs by meeting a few requirements. Every city or state has different requirements that must be met. Nevertheless, you should be a part of a program such as food stamps or Medicaid. Customers should also know that this service is not provided everywhere, there are specific areas that do not have such an option.  For those who have any questions are more than welcome to contact the assurance wireless representative. You problems or question may be answered and solved to. You can also call the customer care service to ask if you have the service available in your area. One can also log on to to see further details.

It has been found that assurance wireless scam does seem to exist. Some people believe that assurance wireless is a scam as it is a wireless program that is exclusive to those on welfare and food stamp.

Assurance phones for you

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It has become very difficult to cope up with the expenses of cell phone bills. With our high-tech phones, we have a lot of going on; we accept calls, message, and send Mms (multi-media service). However, these all do not come free. You need to be able to afford these services, but can you? With the pile of bills you already have to pay, do you think paying for expansive services are easy? I am sure it’s not.

There are services such as assurance wireless application. Your service provider brings assurance wireless to you, however it depends if the service is provided. Assurance wireless is a lifeline assistance program supported by the federal service fund programs. The services are provided at you providers discretion, it is possible if the terms and conditions of the contract may change such as prices of the service options.

However, you service provider will be liable enough to notify you with the changes. Assurance wireless service is for personal use only. The service you use may not be used in a manner that interferes with another assurance wireless. Assurance wireless have determined that they have the ability to provide a good service that could be impaired when customer s place a high number of phone calls, and send/ receive high numbers of messages and calls that are of a long duration. Unlimited voice services are provided for live call s between two individuals. Unlimited voice services are not found to be used for monitoring services. Assurance wireless may terminate your account if the usage is limited to a pager service or any other service such as voice mail retrieval service. Therefore, you have to check and read carefully the terms of service before getting started.

Free Government Phones

Quite a few people now days cannot afford cell phone bills. Although most of them are aware of cell phone for themselves but coping with bills is just hard and does not make it easy to afford a cell phone.

You have to qualify for a free government cell phone; however, this varies amongst countries, depending on what policies your government has.  The American government for example provides free cell phone services for those who participate in state or federal assistance programs, such as food stamps, Medicaid or supplemental security income.  You would be surprised how many service providers of government phones there are.  There are pre-paid and postpaid services that provide the benefit of free government services.

Free cell phone service is very common in government departments, where their employees are provided with cell phones that can be used for work related calls. However, there is a perception that most of the people misuse it for their personal usage. Although, it is a small thing, but government departments take it very seriously and usually fix a budget for people having certain phone usage. This typically depends on their post and seniority, which is why most of the people with high rank in government departments have unlimited usage of phone. On top of this, it depends on the nature of your job and its sensitivity that whether you require such a facility or not.

So we have seen  drastic changes over the years, it does make one curious that what are we in for in the future, will there be a replacement for cell phones? Better types of cell phones?  Whatever it may, be we are all sure it is going to be something definitely more advance than what we have presently.

Advancements with Cellular Phone Service

Over the years, cellular service providers have started to provide customers with free cell phone offers, where all you have to do is be in contract with your service provider who will provide you the choice of you desired cell phone. This was a trend that was seen in North American countries at first along with European countries but now it has become a trend that you can see in most countries now a days.

It does become a daunting task to select what cell phone service to choose, as there is a pool of service providers. There may not be one but about six to seven major companies, all offering you tempting services. Some may say that we will give you cheap call rates, some provide reasonable priced messaging service, another may have the cheapest internet provider, overall you want the best possible package that is feasible and will provide you with everything possible that a phone service can provide.

I am sure you have changed your service provider more than once. Other cell phone services just seem so tempting; especially with those attractive ads where they make you believe you will not get any offer as good as what they have. It is crazy but true we consumer conscious animals want what suits us the best so that we walk with the satisfaction in mind that we are happy with what we have opted for.

There also options that you may not have been aware of, such as free government phones. I am sure many readers do not know much about it, but there is not that much to know either however it is cell phone for manly those people who believe that cell phones or not so important but need them as a necessity due to various reasons. Those various reasons may be, some may have a medical condition, the possibility of a un prepared event may occur.

A Wireless World

Who ever knew technology would become so advance?

There was a time when we would laugh to the idea of phone that is portable. Now we live in a time zone where it is highly impossible to be without you cellular phone. The human body and mind has become so addicted to the need of a cell phone service as you are almost incomplete without it. A mobile phone has become an essential part of your life, you may not realize it, but do notice when you leave the house and your cellular phone is left at home, you do feel annoyed when you cannot contact any one without it.

Now all age groups have learnt to use cell phones including old or young, you do know how to operate a mobile phone. We once started with the basic type of cell phones that would simply place calls and receive them, we have come a long way now, and a simple phone does not suffice anymore. You want that phone that has, a good battery life, easy to use, a 3G or 4G system, a phone well that can possibly do anything for you now. We use our phone to receive e-mails, use it as a GPS locater; well yes, you can pretty much revolve your life around a small phone nowadays.

iPhone, Android, windows powered phones along with Blackberry’s, are the smart phones that every must have. You need such phones to help you cope up with the fast track and paced environment that technology has put us into. We will not deny that we feel useless without our phones, but there are negative sides to always be constantly messaging or using our phones to place calls. The youth loves their phones, as there is a large memory space now available in your phone that allows you to download songs and store a playlist in your phone.