LG Venice

The LG Venice is thin, light and has a svelte design. Even when is made of plastic, with a bit of metal looking, runs swiftly and smoothly and excellent call quality.


You can trust in the history of LG creating decent and reliable handsets.

The best thing about this phone is that you leave carrier contracts behind, you feel better with the best prepaid options. The Venice measures 4.94″ by 2.64″ by .34″ and weighs only 4.41 oz. The LG Venice shaves about .75 oz off the common weight for similar phones of just under 5.25 oz., and it seems significantly lighter. It feels even lighter than many phones with smaller dimensions.

A 4.3-inch screen with an 800×480 pixel resolution, color vibrant and the display is bright, are impressive for the low price. The screen is protected agains scratches and cracks very well. The price is something that you have to consider, at $219.99 you get the svelte design, swift and smooth processor, and bright display. For a limited time, if you purchase the Venice will also recibe 50GB of Free Cloud Storage from Box, on the prepaid Boos Mobile Network.

You will find a 5-megapixel with rear-facing camera with LED flash can take pretty smooth HD videos and great pictures. Has a cool feature, the voice activated shutter, just saying “cheese” or “whiskey” or other words to take pictures without touching a button. The camera offers different options like: autofocus, touch focus, 15x digital zoom, timer, continuous shotting, face tracking, geotagging.

You will find the same Video-Recoding options, digital zoom, flash, exposure meter, color effects, geotagging, five video sizes, audio muting.

The LG Venice runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, comes with Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Search, Plus, Play Books, Movies, Music and Store. It also includes Messenger, Maps and Navigation, YouTube and Talk, also preloaded apps a news and weather app, Boost Mobile apps, SmartShare and others.

There are twenty six packs available; you can choose your Mobile ID to customize your device with preselected apps, widgets and other items related to the ID profile you choose. The 4 GB storage provides adequate space for installing apps, and it also have a 2 GB microSD card, you can replace it with a larger microSD card if you need space.

Basic features present are texting, a native e-mail client, a Web browser, a video player, Bluetooth 3.0 support, a calendar, a clock with alarm settings, a memo pad, a calculator, a voice dialer, and a voice recorder. In addition, there’s a power saver module that lets you customize which features (Bluetooth, autosyncing, display brightness) to turn off or adjust when your battery gets low.

The call quality is excellent, sounds clear and strong with no static. The speakerphone is not so good, has a low quality, sound harsh, not only the calls, the music and video too, especially with high volume.

The battery test shows 9.5 hours under heavy use, 6.0 hours for video playback, and 19.5 hours conserving battery. With normal use 13-14 hours.

With Boost Mobile you can have unlimited talk and text plans, they also offers plans adequate for every need. These plans are a great choice for everybody, since they don’t have limits on data, text and calls, no contract, saving money on mobile phone bills.



  • Technology                                 CDMA
  • Carrier                                           Boost Mobile
  • Form Factor                                Bar
  • Camera                                          5.0 MP AF camera with built-in flash
  • Platform                                        Android™ 4.0 Platform (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Bluetooth                                     Version: 3.0
  • Frequency                                   1.9 GHZ PCS, 800 MHZ CDMA
  • DataTransmission                    EVDO† Rev. A
  • Dimensions                                 4.92″ (H) x 2.64″ (W) x 0.34″ (D)
  • Weight                                          4.41 oz
  • Display                                         24-Bit Color IPS TFT, 800 x 480 pixels, 4.3″
  • Battery                                         1,700 mAh
  • Usage Time                                 Up to 9 Hours*
  • Standby Time                            Up to 159 Hours*
  • Charging Port                            Micro USB
  • RAM/ROM                                  768 RAM / 4GB ROM
  • microSD™ Memory Slot       up to 32GB memory card**
  • *                                                      Certain features may use more power and cause actual time to vary.
  • **                                                    2GB microSD card included. Additional memory cards sold separately.


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