Assurance Wireless Application

The best thing about Assurance Wireless

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Assurance wireless is a mobile that is offered to you by the Lifeline Assistance Program. This program is the one created and brought to you by the Virgin Mobile. Another party that is the federal Universal Service Fund supports this. To have the access to Assurance Wireless, you need to qualify amongst many other who aim for this opportunity. If you are lucky and if you qualify then you may win the Free Assurance Wireless along with 250 free monthly minute packages. There is a whole procedure to qualify and for that, you need to log online to their official website and fill in the details of your local area and other things required.

The best thing about Assurance Wireless is that there are no bills during the months at least in the start. If you are Assurance wireless customer you would be pleased to know that this phone would offer you long term contracts, no issues if the activation fee of any kind of surcharges for all those customers who have Assurance Wireless free wireless phones in their hands. If you want to know, where this service is offered then the places include Alabama, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Iowa and many more.

Assurance Wireless ahs certain restrictions as well. It is offered to only those people who come into a certain income bracket and are income eligible. If you get this wireless mobile, you would be offered only one wireless or landline Lifeline account in your home. Two people in the same house cannot have the access to this service. When talking about the cost, Assurance Wireless is only free for those people who are eligible and who clearly qualify for it. If you want more voice minutes, then all you have to do is add $5 to get that package.

Assurance Wireless Application Service Provide

Assurance wireless is a service provided to eligible and deserving candidates by the government. In this service, these individuals or candidates are given wireless phones free. Other than the free wireless phones and connections, these people also get free minutes, usually 250. The assurance wireless customers have to pay no fees, bills, or anything of that sort.

This being quite an interesting offer would probably intrigue minds and one would think how you could apply as a candidate? Another question might be what are the criteria for selection? Well you have nothing to worry about since this article is being written to provide you with all your answers. There are mainly two factors based on which you can qualify as a candidate and become an assurance wireless applicant. These are described in the following paragraphs. Either you should be involved with or working in Government programs or you could apply based on your income.

Now when it comes to applying based on your participation in government programs, you might be requested to provide proof of your participation. If you are applying because of your income then you will probably have to provide a copy of the income tax return of the previous year. Or any form of benefit statement such as pension or retirement benefit statement, Social Security benefit statement, Child Support document or Veterans benefit statement, Unemployment benefit statement, Worker’s compensation benefit statement or even a divorce decree.

If you fit into any of the two above-mentioned criteria then you are an eligible candidate. You deserve an Assurance Wireless Application. Do not lose your monthly package of 250 free minutes. Opportunities such as, Assurance Wireless Application, by the government can be very helpful and they should be availed fully.