Assurance Wireless Customer

In the fast pacing world we find ourselves taking help from our cell phones in all kinds of crisis may they be ultimate tragedies or mere confusions, which need to be cleared. Whatever the case is we will always use our cell phones to get out of whatever kind of mess we are in. In addition, this goes for all human beings walking the face of this earth today. While most of the people in this world now have gotten their hands on these cellular devices, there are still people left who cannot afford this service? Either they find the cell phone prices too high for them or their pockets cannot compliment the gigantic figures that appear on the bills.

If you are one of those people or if you know somebody who needs help in this respect, this article will prove fruitful for you. If you are a deserving individual, you could be the next Assurance Wireless Customer. Assurance wireless service is a service for the deserving people who do not have the financial strength to afford wireless service on their own. The eligibility criterion is simple. Being assisted by any government program is reason good enough for you to get a free unused mobile phone along with some 250 free minutes.

If you cross this limit of free minutes, you can always buy more on reasonable, rather cheap, rates. To apply for this you will need to get the application form from you local provider. With that form, you will attach some sort of proof of you holding a benefit statement or being assisted by government in any way. If you fulfill all the requirements, you will receive your phone in a few days time. This could be your chance to be an Assurance Wireless Customer. If you deserve it you should avail it.


Advancements with Cellular Phone Service

Over the years, cellular service providers have started to provide customers with free cell phone offers, where all you have to do is be in contract with your service provider who will provide you the choice of you desired cell phone. This was a trend that was seen in North American countries at first along with European countries but now it has become a trend that you can see in most countries now a days.

It does become a daunting task to select what cell phone service to choose, as there is a pool of service providers. There may not be one but about six to seven major companies, all offering you tempting services. Some may say that we will give you cheap call rates, some provide reasonable priced messaging service, another may have the cheapest internet provider, overall you want the best possible package that is feasible and will provide you with everything possible that a phone service can provide.

I am sure you have changed your service provider more than once. Other cell phone services just seem so tempting; especially with those attractive ads where they make you believe you will not get any offer as good as what they have. It is crazy but true we consumer conscious animals want what suits us the best so that we walk with the satisfaction in mind that we are happy with what we have opted for.

There also options that you may not have been aware of, such as free government phones. I am sure many readers do not know much about it, but there is not that much to know either however it is cell phone for manly those people who believe that cell phones or not so important but need them as a necessity due to various reasons. Those various reasons may be, some may have a medical condition, the possibility of a un prepared event may occur.