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Assurance Free Cell Phone Program

If you are an eligible candidate, that is if you are part of any government assistance program or if you hold a benefit statement of some sort such as a divorce decree or unemployment benefit statement, a retirement benefit statement or Worker Compensation benefit statement or Social Security benefit statement or anything like that, you can apply for this program.

Assurance Free Cell Phone Program is an incentive taken by the government to help people who need a cell phone but cannot afford it. These people based on their eligibility will be given free virgin or unused cell phones. That is not all. Accompanying these cell phones will be some 250 free minutes. These limited minutes if fail to prove sufficient for you can always be further accompanied by more minutes bought on cheap prices.

Only one member out of a family will be given this phone so the most deserving of all your family members can apply for this Assurance Free Cell Phone Program. This can be done by getting an application form from your nearest provider. This form will have to be filled and you will need to attach copies of any sort of proof of you being involved in a government program previously as well. Only attach a copy of the original document since the form will not be returned.

If your form is accepted, you will hopefully receive your phone in about 1 to 2 weeks. These phones will be parceled to you. Moreover, the good thing is that they will be ready to serve you as soon as they arrive. From then on, you can continue with receiving your monthly 250 free minutes of talk time. This offer is definitely worth a shot and anybody who wills and deserves should try it.

Free Cell Phone Service

Word is going around about Free Cell Phone Services. All those who do not believe in this need to be corrected since it is perfectly true. Free Cell Phone Service is not a myth. It is quite real. As absurd as it may sound Government is actually willing to give the deserving people free wireless phones. Given with these free cell phones will be free minutes! You do not have to reread this you read it perfectly correct the first time around.

If you are a part of any government program that is if you are being assisted by the government in any way you are quite eligible for applying. If you are retired and receive pension or you have child care benefit statement or are the owner of any other kind of benefit statement, you should really go get your well deserved hand set.

The normal number of free minutes being given is 250. However, you can always buy more if these do not fulfill your requirement on cheap prices. You do not have to worry about being out of touch. No longer do you have to wonder about what your kids are doing at home or in a different case worry about your son while he is at his job. You can call him now with the help of this free cell phone service.

Only one family member per household will be allowed this service so get the most deserving one out there and collect your well-deserved cell phone. All you need to do is get an application form from a local provider. You will fill it, attach any possible proof of you being assisted by the government and submit it. Usually the phones are sent after about a week’s time. Moreover, when they arrive they are ready to run. So what are you waiting for? Get your well deserved free Cell Phone Service as soon as you can.

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Assurance Wireless Programs and Cell Phones

Assurance cell phones have been helpful in promoting or facilitating crime, giving the opportunity for criminals to stay in touch. Those who have qualified for a free assurance cell phones have a higher rate of being convicted as a criminal. While on the other hand some believe that assurance cannot be a scam as it is a way to tap or eavesdrop on for the criminals who have the assurance cell phone. It’s believed that the government is paying for it so they might as well be smart about it and use the cell phones as a ways to get on the inside of the criminals mind.

It has thought that assurance wireless is just a safety scam that where they claim that everyone definitely needs a cell phone. When you can call 911 on any type of phone, is it necessary to have an assurance phone? When amongst those who are working two jobs, you think that person who is in desperate need to pay off their bills would benefit from a free phone but that is not so, those who are more likely to receive assurance phones are those who have been see as having a history of being on welfare or governments handouts.

Assurance wireless programs have depicted the image that though many believe that having a cell phone is not necessary, you may need it under circumstances that requires contacting another. If you are a patient who has heart problems, your car happened to break down, you need to call 911, and then you definitely need a cell phone to contact for help. Yet again assurance wireless is providing to those who seem less likely to benefit it. Do you think its wiser giving and old male who love son his tight monthly pension needs a cell phone or a fresh young active male who can go out, work, and pay off his cell phone bills?

We have to understand that this may be a government benefit; it may seem attractive at first but what the point if you do not qualify as an eligible candidate or that the assurance wireless is not available in your state? However, you can always call up the customer care service and find out if it is available in your area.

Free Government Phones

Quite a few people now days cannot afford cell phone bills. Although most of them are aware of cell phone for themselves but coping with bills is just hard and does not make it easy to afford a cell phone.

You have to qualify for a free government cell phone; however, this varies amongst countries, depending on what policies your government has.  The American government for example provides free cell phone services for those who participate in state or federal assistance programs, such as food stamps, Medicaid or supplemental security income.  You would be surprised how many service providers of government phones there are.  There are pre-paid and postpaid services that provide the benefit of free government services.

Free cell phone service is very common in government departments, where their employees are provided with cell phones that can be used for work related calls. However, there is a perception that most of the people misuse it for their personal usage. Although, it is a small thing, but government departments take it very seriously and usually fix a budget for people having certain phone usage. This typically depends on their post and seniority, which is why most of the people with high rank in government departments have unlimited usage of phone. On top of this, it depends on the nature of your job and its sensitivity that whether you require such a facility or not.

So we have seen  drastic changes over the years, it does make one curious that what are we in for in the future, will there be a replacement for cell phones? Better types of cell phones?  Whatever it may, be we are all sure it is going to be something definitely more advance than what we have presently.

Advancements with Cellular Phone Service

Over the years, cellular service providers have started to provide customers with free cell phone offers, where all you have to do is be in contract with your service provider who will provide you the choice of you desired cell phone. This was a trend that was seen in North American countries at first along with European countries but now it has become a trend that you can see in most countries now a days.

It does become a daunting task to select what cell phone service to choose, as there is a pool of service providers. There may not be one but about six to seven major companies, all offering you tempting services. Some may say that we will give you cheap call rates, some provide reasonable priced messaging service, another may have the cheapest internet provider, overall you want the best possible package that is feasible and will provide you with everything possible that a phone service can provide.

I am sure you have changed your service provider more than once. Other cell phone services just seem so tempting; especially with those attractive ads where they make you believe you will not get any offer as good as what they have. It is crazy but true we consumer conscious animals want what suits us the best so that we walk with the satisfaction in mind that we are happy with what we have opted for.

There also options that you may not have been aware of, such as free government phones. I am sure many readers do not know much about it, but there is not that much to know either however it is cell phone for manly those people who believe that cell phones or not so important but need them as a necessity due to various reasons. Those various reasons may be, some may have a medical condition, the possibility of a un prepared event may occur.